Sadness wears a gown.

Today my parents, brother and I were discussing music. The three of them came to the conclusion that overall they don’t like to listen to sad/depressing music too often.

I laughed out loud because 80% (maybe more) of what I listen to is rather somber, dreary music.

I think that sadness is gorgeous. I know that may sound odd, but when I imagine people dressed in emotions, this is what I see: happiness is dressed in a cute yellow sundress, but sadness is clothed in a beautiful, rich, black gown. I guess what I’m trying to convey is that despair pulls out feeling, desire and expression more than any other emotion.

One of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, “Violet Bouquet” by Jeremy Current, is centered around the melancholy of what was and what could’ve been with his dead girlfriend. Knowing just a little bit of what he felt going through this tragedy makes me know it’s okay to feel the same way, especially when he sings, “One day time will make some sense of you” and “I knew someday you would dry up, but I can’t stop pouring water in your cup.” Knowing other peoples pain, hurt and feelings is ultimately the kind of music that heals me. For someone who has a real problem with letting myself get emotional, music like Jeremy Current’s and many other artists is an excellent reminder to me and you that we were created to feel,

so let it happen.


One thought on “Sadness wears a gown.

  1. Ryan Stigile says:

    Well said. For me, the beauty of sad music is the transparency of the songwriter. Happiness is expected and so easily communicated. It requires additional effort and strength to communicate sadness, which makes it more worthy of appreciation.

    Solid post.

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