Searching for Frank.

There is a very basic lesson I remember my parents and Sunday School teachers trying to instill in me as a child: What goes in will come out. I can literally remember my children’s pastor saying,  “Garbage in, garbage out” to me when I was five years old. I also only remember being able to picture Garbage Monster’s green face from Sesame Street…needless to say the lesson went right over my head. In fact, here I sit 15 years later and I think I just now got it.

In the past couple of months I have been searching for what things I want to have put into my life.

I have had the same word rolling around in my mind for a while now, but for some reason I have continued to search for something more; maybe because this concept is so simple or possibly because I rarely see it in people. Either way, I have finally realized exactly want I am yearning for:

Authentic people.

That’s right, uncomplicated as it seems, that is what I want. Call it genuine, undisputed, frank, actual, sincere, candid or even the real McCoy; call it whatever you want, but that is what I am looking for.

I have always had the ability to perceive the authentic from the fake in people. Because of this I have been able to easily let people out of my live; on the flip side, I’ve had trouble letting go of those that have been real to me. I suppose what I’m having a hard time dealing with is, just because you found someone or something that was genuine and it doesn’t stay in your life, doesn’t mean there isn’t more to find.

So I will keep my search up.
I will not compromise it.

I will put the real thing into my life in every aspect, at all costs…

Because ultimately I want others to see that I am also the real thing.


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