“I’m lovin’ it…” in China.

Ever had McDonald’s in a country other than America?

Well let me tell you, it’s a rather interesting experience here in China (as is almost every experience).

Just last week I walked into McDonald’s and the cashier was so terrified that a foreigner was coming to her register, that she simply ducked behind the counter to avoid the situation. I used this time to check out the menu; things such as corn on the cob, sweet taro pie (http://mcchronicles.blogspot.com/2006/10/mcdonalds-sweet-taro-pie.html ), pineapple sundaes, milk tea, and some weird red burger thing with potatoes on top are available on the Chinese menu, unlike the American one. Once the cashier decided to make an appearance, I ordered, sticking with a classic meal: McNuggets, fries and kěkǒukělè 可口可乐 (Coke – one of my favorite things to say in Chinese). Best part about what I ordered is I got a FREE Coke mug, I was rather excited:

My dippings options are limited to sweet and sour sauce and chili garlic sauce – I opted for the sweet and sour (I had a near puke experience when I tried the chili garlic sauce for the first AND last time).

I made my way to my table, with every customer and employee eye on the blonde girl, sat down and enjoyed my delicious, nearly the same as American tasting, McDonald’s meal.

A few things that make me like McDonald’s in China better than in America: last time I was there there was a constant stream of Destiny’s Child music playing, the Chinese employees have to wear a beret as a part of their uniform (I mean we’re in China, not France for cryin’ out loud! for some reason the almost irony of this makes me laugh) and lastly, you don’t have to clean off your table, the French…I mean Chinese employees take care of that for you.

So, if you have the chance, I would strongly encourage you to hop on the next plane to China and check out McDonald’s.


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