Got Perspective?

If there is anything I have gained in the past month, it’s perspective.

Yes, I have been out of the country several times before.
Yes, I have even been to China a couple of times before.

But this trip is so unlike any of the others that I have taken.

Every time I’ve gone out of the country it’s been much more like a vacation…this time it’s as if this is my permanent life. I have the power to decide where to go, what to eat, how to get to work, who to spend my time with; rather than the tour guided feel of every other trip I’ve been on.

This time around I’ve had time.

Time to adjust.

Time to think.

Time to wonder.

Time to be.

I’ve been given this incredible chance to take a break from my life and live another. It’s left me with time to fill my mind with questions about the life I will soon be going back to.

The one thing I have tossed around in my mind over and over since coming to China is, what is my purpose? Not my purpose in China…my purpose back home in America. Coming here and seeing my purpose almost immediately and seeing results almost instantaneously has made me greatly question what in the world I’m doing with my life. Not in the sense of, what career path will I pursue or who will I marry; rather what obvious actions am I taking on a daily basis to increase His kingdom. I have come to a very sad realization: I am doing virtually nothing.

My life should be full of intentionality, yet it’s full of comfort.

How can I take this feeling of inherent motivation to live my life with purpose and actually live my life with purpose?

For now, your guess is as good as mine.


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