More than a melody.

“Next time I’ll be braver. I’ll be my own savior, standing on my own two feet.”

Music is one of those incredible things that helps you feel.

Sometimes it’s impossible for us to really understand why we’re feeling the way that we are until someone sings about it.

I often feel like an artist has reached inside my head and pulled out the lyrics for their song.
For someone like myself, music is important; not because of the catchy tune or cool performances, but because it helps me deal.

One of the only emotional attachments I am okay with is an emotional connection to a song.

Now these thoughts aren’t revolutionary at all, everyone knows or at least has an idea of how powerful music can be. I think why I am sitting here thinking about it is because it says so much about God. It’s these things that blow my mind about Him. My God is so great that He created something you can play on an iPod or hear on the radio and it has the ability to move you so strongly. You don’t even have to be with people to be influenced my music, it’s something that can comfort you without even the presence of someone else.

Maybe this sounds weird, but I think music is His way of making sure someone is always with me.


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