The Absence of Ceremony.

Familiarity is the absence of ceremony. It makes everything easier.

Familiarity is something I often long for; I desire to drive the streets that lead me to downtown Charlotte, to spend an evening swinging on my front porch, to trace my fingers over the face of the one I care for and to nap in my best friend’s bed, the place where we’ve cried together, been angry together and laughed ourselves into sheer happiness.

These are all things that were at one point part of my life’s routine. And even when I step away from these familiar things, even for a moment, I yearn for them.

Familiarity holds memories and when that which is familiar is gone it makes the memories seem so much farther away; so far away that it’s as if they never existed.

I wonder if I am the one that lost the hang of my routine or if God’s skillful orchestration simply changed my easy melody to a far more complicated one.


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