If crickets could talk…

Do you ever feel like a complete screw-up? If you do, welcome to my life.

I am not the kind of person that accidentally makes mistakes or unintentionally does something wrong (most of the time).

I am however the kind of person that knows exactly when I am doing something wrong, honestly because most of the decisions I make are premeditated. I love having the power to control my actions and in some sick way (because I am only human), I enjoy knowing that I am the one that made the choice to do what is wrong.

This attitude of mine has caused a real problem. I feel as if I have lost a part of my conscience because of this mindset. As I was thinking about my conscience what came to my mind? Yes, that’s right, Jiminy Cricket.

The next thing I found myself doing was googling “videos of Jiminy Cricket” (I know, ridiculous).
Would you believe that something said to Mr. Cricket actually made me stop and think? Well, it did.

While Jiminy Cricket is being dubbed as Pinocchio’s conscience, The Blue Fairy calls him Pinocchio’s “counselor in moments of high temptation.”

I rarely console my conscience when I am facing a tempting situation, in fact I mostly listen to it just long enough to blow it off.

So maybe I can begin to think of my conscience as an advisor rather than a nuisance.

God wouldn’t create something just so I could ignore it, would He?


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