Two days ago I came to the obvious striking fact that I have an incredible life.

I paid my 96 year-old great-grandmother a visit at her home in Waynesville. I noticed for the first time ever that my mother looks remarkably similar to her. I actually started to tear up (I think it was during a conversation about making homemade pickles); this sudden perception into my reality came at a very odd moment, yet it was exactly what I’ve been needing to sober up to. In this one space in time I saw my parents, friends, jobs, community, etc. and realized I am so blessed.

Seeing my life through lenses that only pick out the things I don’t have does nothing for my vision. So I’m investing in a new pair of frames, one’s that will focus on what wonderful life I live and simply blur out the rest.

I realize this sounds similar to a motivational speech, which makes me nauseous.
Truth of the matter is though, life is too short to see the black and white when I could be seeing in full color.


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