Ground me.

I haven’t blogged in a while, probably because I have literally felt as if I have been floating; I have been completely ungrounded.

The hardest part about being away at school is that I don’t have my family and best friends reminding me of who I am and where I came from. There are people in my life here that can do that to a certain extent, but there is nothing like the feeling I get when I’m at home with my parents. They are so much a part of who I am. In the past week, mostly because of my trip home last weekend, I have felt overwhelmingly blessed.

There is nothing that I need that I don’t have…
I don’t believe that the percentage of people in this world that can say that is very large.

Are there things that I want that I don’t have? Why yes, absolutely.
But I have been constantly reminded lately that:

1. I don’t think I actually know what I want and
2. HE sees my list of a million wants and knows exactly which ones to give me.

A friend of mine who has the ability to inspire me with nearly anything he says posted this online yesterday:

“The person you are becoming is directly related to the people you allow to influence your life. Who you allow to influence you, and what you allow to influence you, is the best reflection of who you long to become. If you find people who are noble, and honorable, and admirable, and compassionate, and allow yourself to be influenced by them, you will become the person you are longing to be. But the question always goes back to this, are you abdicating responsibility for your life.”

I’m not actually sure who said this, but I know that it is exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my life. I’ve been too open to letting people become intimately near me without really thinking about the effects they’re having on me. I don’t want people in my life for the sake of having people close to me, but for the sake of having people close to me that will help produce a better Ivey.

Throughout the past few weeks, I’ve gone from floating around aimlessly to desiring the deep grounding that I once never left home without.


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