Original Rebel Post – Benevolence is Waiting on You

This post was originally written for Original Rebel. Original Rebel is an awesome organization started  by a couple of my friends at school, check it out: weareoriginalrebel.com 

In class today my teacher said something very insignificant, “People do nothing because it’s easier than doing something.” You would think that a statement as simple as this would fly by me, instead, this comment caused me to completely check-out of the rest of my professor’s lecture and left me itching to get to my computer to write.

I’ve gone through many phases of benevolence. As a little girl I was intensely set on helping animals, and then I realized that the only animals I like are dogs. Next, I felt strongly about helping the homeless, but once I actually got into the streets of Charlotte, Chicago and NYC I realized that I wasn’t bold enough. Lastly, I decided my passion was with middle school girls because of a ministry started by my best friend. Shortly after my involvement and the thought of 12-year-old screaming girls, I realized it was my best friend’s calling, not mine.

Luckily, eventually…I did find my passion: China.

After three trips across seas, I feel as if my love for the country and helping their people has increased more than I could have possibly imagined. I will continue to make the 30 hour trek there as often as possible; while this does give me a sense of fulfillment, it doesn’t meet my desire to help people on a day-to-day basis. I have now been a college student for approximately two years and two months. I have already tried many different paths of benevolence since being in school and yet again, just as I did in the earlier years of my life, I have come up short. I finally discovered why: I haven’t been using the things I am already good at.

I am a PR major. I write and I promote. These are the things in life that I feel like I am actually somewhat talented at, so why haven’t I been using them? Beats me…

With the realization that I’ve been doing nothing because it’s easy and that I haven’t put my talents to good use, I’ve decided to start help turning the wheel of benevolence in an area that I can actually help turn (I’m working on what this will actually look like).

So instead of neglecting what you’re good at, put it to use. Of course I encourage you to “DoGood”, but first, just do something.


Ivey Lawrence


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