(If you don’t know what the title word above means… 1. You should look it up 2. You should use it more often.)

Today I am lacking inspiration from solid, logical things; in fact, concrete ideas are normally what I thrive off of… but today, I am full of some sort of delight that comes from nothing more than emotion. I won’t attach any spiritual implications to this, although ultimately that is where I find my joy.

Today I am happy simply because of the people in my life: I spent the early part of my morning laughing over coffee with someone that makes me giddy. I went out on my lunch hour with one of my dearest friends. Even though I had to spend my time explaining myself and pleading with her to trust me about something, her concern for my protection is one of the most meaningful things about our relationship. Now I sit in an office that is like a home away from home; my boss just relayed a delicious recipe to me and later cried as she told me she’s been praying for me lately. These are just three of the blissful interactions of my day. Interwoven between these conversations have been texts, phone calls and hugs from those that I love, miss and make me laugh.

While I don’t feel that I deserve a life so great, I am truly glad that I’ve been entrusted to live it.


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