Unadorned Idea.

A few nights ago a rush of emotion flooded over me as I felt a sense of remembrance. This happened as I sat in chapel and heard one of my peers on stage sing “Oh God, You are my God and I will ever praise You…” I believe that it evoked this feeling within me because it’s probably been four or five years since I’ve even thought of this song.

It took me back to one of my earliest memories in church, in fact, it took me back to one of my earliest memories ever. I couldn’t have been more than six, but I remember sitting beside my dad in our usual spot in the balcony watching the sign language interpreter sign the lyrics to this same exact song. I was always infatuated with, if I remember her name correctly, Ms. Tammy, as she signed. From that day forward I would typically try to copy her as she signed every song, but even more so when “God, You are my God” was played. Not only did this memory remind me of a certain event, but of a certain mindset that I had when I was six: simplicity.

I may have only been a child, but I remember loving Jesus with a complete purity and single-mindedness. This idea of simplicity also reminded me of a conversation I had recently with someone whose opinion I greatly value. He talked about how this world complicates what is actually a pretty simple idea. Our job is to love Christ and love others. As my pastor talked about how much he hated religion yesterday, I realized that I couldn’t agree more. Serving God doesn’t require a list of rules and guidelines, we are simply supposed to be like Jesus.

Drop the red pen that you use to grade yourself (and others) on how you’re following the rules, in fact you should probably shred the paper, and just start loving Him.


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