I have 1,273 friends on Facebook…

Life isn’t worth living unless people are living it with you.

I often think of an episode of One Tree Hill (call me lame, whatever…) where Peyton tells you to imagine the greatest moment in your future and asks, “Who’s standing next to you?” I’m not sure why this has always resinated so strongly with me, but it has. It may have something to do with the fact that I’ve always wondered who will be in my life forever. Or maybe it’s just because I love One Tree Hill and cheesy quotes… Either way, my best friend and I constantly have conversations about how we really look at friendships these days and wonder who will last past graduation day.

I’ve been accused of not hanging out with this or that group or not investing my life in certain peoples lives and I think I’ve realized why: I only want to invest in things that have true meaning. This doesn’t mean that I am going to blow off friendships because I can’t see myself talking to them in five years, because I believe strongly in seasons of friendship; it simply means that I am going to put more weight on those friendships that I believe will be lasting.

I used to be the girl who got to know absolutely everyone and took the first person who smiled at me out to coffee, because I loved meeting new people. While I still appreciate new friendships, it’s in a much smaller dose. I find myself now looking for comfort rather than something shiny and new. Those new friendships are often enjoyable, but then your investment often leads to something of a disappointment because you get nothing in return. I don’t want to waist time or energy in relationships. I want to invest in things that are real and lasting.

The beautiful thing is, I already have plenty of these incredible friendships that I know will last me a very long time. The hard thing is imagining my future life without some of the people that are in it now. In fact, I look back at some friendships and relationships and realizing their absence in my life today is hard to believe. This very reason is often times what motivates me to not invest in relationships, but then I realize, I wouldn’t be this version of myself without all of those wonderful (and awful) people that have been in my life.

All I can say is, I will keep on investing in relationships knowing that they’ll either shape me just for today or impact me enough to be one of the people standing next to me in the greatest moment of my life.


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