Philanthropic B-o-l-o-g-n-a:

I watched the movie Pay it Forward recently and arrived upon the thought that it’s the only “inspirational” movie that has actually inspired me (recently). Due to the short amount of time in between watching this movie and now, I can’t say that I’ve knowingly accomplished what the movie wants to convey to you: pass on three selfless acts. Although, it has inspired my thoughts (which is always the first step).

Lately, I’ve also been thinking a lot about Altruism (disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others). Is a completely altruistic act even possible?  I’ve been pondering this because sometime last week it occurred to me that I haven’t been giving to or serving others enough. I began to research places in Charlotte that I could volunteer at over the Christmas break. Then the question struck me, “Who would I be doing the service for?”…

Our society preaches this idea of “giving back” or “philanthropy” or “donating”…but honestly, these words sound like corny phrases, fancy words and an easy way out to me. On top of this preaching, I also go to a school that requires 80 hours of documented service to be done by the time I graduate. With these two strong influences in my life, the main reason behind why I serve easily gets lost. The reason for giving isn’t so we can get a write off on our taxes or  fulfill a requirement. The reason should be that hurting people need support, because at some point in our life, someone was the support we needed.

I almost “hate” to bring up the even bigger reason: Jesus Christ. The reason I say I hate to do this is because people may “blah, blah, blah” my Jesus references, but, if he hadn’t shown us through His life and death what service, giving and sacrifice was, what example would we have to mimic?

I’m not sure how frequently truly altruistic acts occur, in fact, most people give to keep up appearances. Regardless of what others do, I need to remember that my main example definitely gave without having any alterer motives; so I can at least strive to do the same.


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