Hey Donald Miller, I (politely) disagree.

I would like to preface this blog posting with three things:

1. I am constantly inspired and challenged by Donald Miller’s writing, because it challenges the typical, right-winged, inside-the-box Christianity I have experienced at times in my life.

2. This is in no means meant to be rude, just a difference of opinion.

3. This isn’t actually a rebuttal to Donald Miller’s post, rather, it’s just a posting about my thoughts on the subject.

The recent blog posting of Donald Miller (http://donmilleris.com/2010/04/29/does-god-have-a-specific-plan-for-your-life-probably-not/) says that God probably doesn’t have a specific plan for your life. This was very timely, because I have been asking that exact question, does God have a specific plan for me?

I often ponder these “big questions” about life, but keep the thoughts rolling around in my head. With this question, I’ve literally been asking it, out-loud, to everyone for the past month.

Right around 2 a.m. last night, well this morning, I finally came upon a conclusion. Then about 12 hours later I read this posting from Donald Miller, which he wrote so eloquently (and I’m sure his thoughts are exactly what many believe). But his post actually confirmed my feelings on the subject, just that my thoughts are the exact opposite of his.

I believe that God knows everything about us and has the most specific plan for our lives. 

Why do I think that He has this specific plan for every person on this earth?

At the start of Genesis, “…the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep…” Two chapters later (and realistically 6 days later), God had already created every detail of creation; from the heavens to the earth and the creatures to the humans. I just have to reiterate, all details of this earth were perfectly constructed in six days! The human being alone has a dozen major organ systems, that then has hundreds of individual structures…not even including every individual cell of the human body. On top of the inside of a human’s body, let’s not forget that He said He even knows the very number of hairs on our head (Matthew 10:30). If that doesn’t speak to God’s attention to detail, then I don’t know what does.

Also, according to Psalm 147:4, God also knows every single star by name (There are approximately 10 to the 24th stars. Plug that number in your calculator and see what you get. It’s trillions upon trillions).

The last scripture reference I’ll point out is Job 28:24, “For He looks to the end of the earth, and sees everything under the heavens.”

With all that in mind, can you seriously say that God hasn’t  worked out every last detail of your life? Well, I can’t. If He took enough time to know the name of every rock-like light in the sky, you better believe that I am confident He has a very specific plan for my life. I believe that God is too personal to not know every move that I will make.

I strongly agree with Donald Miller’s sentiments to draw with the “box of crayons” God is setting down in front of us. But I also think that God knows exactly what we’re going to draw.


3 thoughts on “Hey Donald Miller, I (politely) disagree.

  1. Mary Potter says:

    THANK YOU!!! I have read Don’a article so many times and the comments. I felt a hole inside me. One of the great comforts that I have as a child of God is that he knows my life. If that makes God a control freak, then I am okay with that. The Bible says that God works good for all those that love Him. He also gives Satan permission to mess with us, and as we know God never loses a bet. I have been through one of the most horrible months of my life, and my only comfort was that I knew that God bet on me, He will work goo through it, and He already knows the outcome. That is because GOD HAS A SPECIF PLAN FOR MY LIFE!

  2. Lily Baker says:

    In a sense I agree very much with you, and in a sense I agree very much with Don. I don’t like everything he said, but the very end was right on track. He said (basically) that God has given us a box of crayons and taught us how to use them in the right way, and so we should pick up the crayons and color the picture of our lives with confidence and not wait around for a start line to appear in front of us and lead us everywhere, like in commercials. And he said his friends that believe God has a specific plan are sitting around all day waiting on some big sign. So I think he just doesn’t know the right people. In a sense you have to step out and make choices based on what you know to be right and wrong, and start the track of your life. But God DOES have a fantastically ornate plan for each person’s life because, once you take those steps, he is the one opening and closing doors whether you know it or not. In his article, Don’s thoughts about the meaning of God having a plan are bordering on predestination doctrine, and he’s even saying some people are chosen to have God make huge plans for them while others are not. But, he is looking at it first of all like God is a temporal being and he takes away our free will by planning every second, and like an obvious work of God like the plan of Joseph’s life we see in the Bible is of more importance than God quietly opening up the opportunities He wants for your life. He mentions that Joseph’s life had a plan, but Rueben’s didn’t. But how can he say that when Rueben’s life story wasn’t exactly payed out to us like Joseph’s, and also God had such a plan to use the famine to bring healing and forgiveness to Joseph’s brothers and reunite the family. And as I said, he treats God as a temporal being who is making little movements to change our lives, but that’s not how it works and is very incorrect theologically. We can’t possibly fit God into time and space as he does, because God is not of time and space.
    In retrospect I should right my own blog. But that’s my thoughts on the subject 🙂

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