Life as a Tribble Creative Group Intern

This past December, while sitting on the light-rail into Uptown Charlotte, I noticed a red giraffe in a window out of the corner of my eye. I turned around as fast as I could, but couldn’t see anything more than the side of a building covered in red and green giraffes.

I woke up the next morning curious as to who the eye-catching business front on Camden belonged to. I started my Google search with “red giraffe” and came up empty-handed. This was followed by a string of phrases such as “giraffe Camden Road,” “red and green giraffes,” “giraffe company Charlotte…” When finally, I stumbled upon the right combination of words, which produced a link to an event management company called Tribble Creative Group. I found myself captivated by their creative branding, quirky writing style and insightful blog posts. I knew that I had to be an intern there, or else. Within the following couple of weeks, I interviewed and accepted a position as one of their summer interns.

Since I had spent hours making copies and grabbing coffees at a previous internship, I didn’t want to expect too much out of this company; but I plunged in at the beginning of May hoping for the best. My internship supervisor told me at the beginning of my experience that by the end of it, I would either love event planning or hate it. One week in and three events down, I already knew I would love it. Yes, I did have to put a tiny can of mints on 1,500 seats (I mean someone’s gotta do it), but I also got to see how to interact with a client, how to manage a staff and how to produce a smooth run of show.

After that first week, I was able to not only observe every aspect of event management, but also participate in it. From doing research for client proposals, to interacting with suppliers, brainstorming in creative meetings, creating schedules and managing the entertainment at events; I was able to grasp the wide range of skills you have to possess in order to succeed in this industry. The best part is, I was fortunate enough to learn these things under people who are interested in my success, hold their company’s integrity as a high priority and operate as a team, not as individuals.

In addition to an incredible summer with Tribble, I was asked back this fall to work a full week of events in Charlotte, as our city hosted the Democratic National Convention. I could write an entire blog about that adventure, but I’ll boil it down to this, I learned more about crisis communication than I probably ever will again in the short span of one week. It was crazy, hard work and very rewarding. Here’s a great video from one the events that week:

Voto Latino Purple Carpet Bash 2012 DNC

Maybe you’re wondering why I took the time to write this? I wrote all of this to say one simple thing: If you live in Charlotte (or actually, even if you don’t) and you want an incredible internship experience (related to this field), Tribble Creative Group is THE place to go.

Check out their website: Tribble Creative Group

And their Facebook: Tribble Creative Group Facebook


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