Made by Friendship

If there is one blessing from God that has been most constant in my life, it has been incredible friends. I took this for granted (and probably sometimes still do) until I got older and realized that people actually have trouble keeping a group of friends.

I think I started understanding this blessing in my second year at college; it was at this point that I realized my friends had become my family. I could write about a lot of friends shaping me, but as I look back today, I see my two constants, and we lived on Harle Street.


This may sound lame, but we didn’t just share a house, we literally shared our lives together.

College (and the years beyond) is where you have to learn to take care of yourself. Your parents may be a phone call away, but they can’t comfort you when you cry or help you learn certain lessons. That means that those around you help you learn life lessons. As I was getting ready yesterday, I was putting on my makeup and pinched my cheeks after I put on my blush and realized that I learned that from one of my roommates. Next, I started to put on my boots and I realized that my other roommate had taught me her little trick of tucking my jeans into my socks…

This quote came to mind, “We are not only our brother’s keeper; in countless large and small ways, we are our brother’s maker.” Even though the ways I mentioned above are small, they have made me in so many big ways.

Our families would struggle, our boyfriends would dump us, our teachers would fail us, but we still reconvened in our living room and watched any TV show that had to do with the Kardashians and kept on laughing. Or sometimes the better solution was eating cinnamon rolls and singing Skyscraper (Demi Lovato, duh).

We’ve encouraged each other, we’ve cried with each other, we’ve even hurt each other, but we have always stuck together. 

Even though part of the fun of our house was the constant stream of visitors that considered our home their home (which is what we wanted!), sometimes the best nights were when we closed the blinds and pretended to be gone. It was probably in those moments alone that we were naming every inanimate object, giving ourselves alter egos and trying to create delicious diet food (I know, it’s an oxymoron).

Right now, we are spread across three different countries, but they are still the ones that I find comfort in. I never imagined friendship so deep that it could transcend the typical boundaries and lead me to sisters. But, here I am, a better person because of them.

Today I am thankful, thankful for Whitney Kesner and Desiree Colon.

This friendship isn’t at a closing, it’s still going strong. We will keep imagining our futures together: dream careers, dream families, dream everythings. The best part is, I know they will be there cheering me on as I go (and I’ll be doing the same for them).

If you have friends that have kept you, thank them. If you have friends that have made you, don’t let them go. 


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