Permanent Fulfillment.

When you have nothing left but God, then for the first time you become aware that God is enough.” – Maude Royden

Life as a Christian doesn’t mean a life problem-free, it means in our ups and downs we cling to Christ. Being in another country creates new perspective on many things, but especially on your relationship with Christ (which is why I encourage every Christian to get away from their norms). This past Sunday, I had the incredible privilege, while in London, to attend a service at Hillsong London (and they just so happened to be recording their next album!). It was at that service during a song containing these lyrics, “You are enough for me,” that I realized how incredible true the quote above is:

Jesus Christ is it.

Out of human nature, we search and search for something. We want to be fulfilled and we attempt to get that from everything around us. We find this fulfillment, temporarily, in relationships, jobs, friends, sports, food…anything, really. But what we don’t realize, is that when we let these things become our sole “fulfillment,” they are actually just distracting from the one thing that can make us whole.

He is enough for you. He is enough for me. 

I forgot how refreshing and peaceful spending time in His presence is. But, as I have faced a “low” in my life, I have found that all I need is Him. I crave to be in His presence and am eagerly seeking to be surrounded by Him.

Remember, today, before you get swept away with life, that this world has absolutely nothing for you: He is all that you will ever need.


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