The world is bright, until we dim it down.

I hope I never lose my wonder of the world. I never want to become so disengaged with enchantment that something new becomes ordinary.

3:30 a.m. rolled around and I was out of bed in order to catch a bus, to catch a plane, to catch another bus that got me to Dublin, Ireland. I have always dreamt of visiting Ireland. My ancestors are from there, my best friend always talks about how much she loved it there, and I expected that I would have the exact same sentiments. Well, once I was on that bus tour of Dublin, I realized that it was my least favorite place I had ever been to (except when my mind takes me to Ohio — that’s even worse).

I’m not sure what allowed me to figuratively wake up, but after a long nap and some (horrible) Chinese food…I remembered that I was in a place I had never been before. Dublin held the potential for new discovery. No, it’s not the prettiest city in the world, but there were hundreds of streets for me to walk on, pubs to eat in and sights to encounter right around me.

I have spent the past two months in awe of how readily available history is here. America holds history and incredible displays of the past and present, but it’s almost always behind a glass wall or in a box. Here, I have been able to walk on top of walls that Roman’s built hundreds of years ago, kneel in prayer in the church where most Royals have been married for the past 400 years, climb all over a coliseum where people fought to the death, scale a volcano unhindered, and sit in the windowsill of a castle with my legs dangling off the ledge.  Every one of these experiences have been breathtaking and completely bewitching.

These are all just tiny slivers of the unfathomable beauty that this world holds.

I hate when I’m overly optimistic, which is some weird disease I have, but I really do want to spend the rest of my life approaching every day with the idea that there is new beauty to behold.

“You spend your whole life just to remember the sound
When the world was brighter, before we learned to dim it down.”

I understand the sentiments that Sleeping At Last sings about and I genuinely never want to dim the world down.


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