Love that simply exists.

“Most of us have at least a handful of people in our lives who truly love us for who we are and not for what we can do. The rest of the world cares for us only to the extent that we meet their expectations. Most of the voices we hear come from people who want something from us. No wonder it’s so hard to tune our hearts to the voice of the one who calls us beloved just because we’re His.”

The paragraph above (found in Jonathan Martin’s book Prototype) has been rocking my world for the last week. Without adding much, I’ll make this a short and sweet reminder…

You can’t run away from the love of Christ. You’ve done nothing to deserve it, but He simply loves you because you exist. He sacrificed His entire being to show you how much He loves you.

By Jesus’ example, we know that love is sacrifice, forgiveness and a choice that has to be made. Love isn’t going to be convenient or even obvious. So, whether you need to accept someone’s love or need to do a better job at giving love more freely, let’s look to the greatest example that there ever was and ever will be. He wants His love to change my life (even more), I hope I let Him and I hope you let it change yours, too.


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