Love advice from a hott guy named Massimo.

I am not a movie quoter. You know, those people…that speak in movie quotes? Yeah, not me. I mean even the most iconic movie quotes… they may sound familiar, but I wouldn’t bet a penny on me being able to tell you what movie it comes from.

BUT, for some dumb reason, there’s this line in The Wedding Planner (of ALL movies, I know…), said by the goofy guy named Massimo (who is actually the hott Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy), that I frequently think about:

“Love is not perfect. Love is just love.”

This quote can apply to any kind of relationship, but, I am talking about the relationship: boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, significant other, or whatever you call it.

In relationships we (normally) see one of two flaws:

1. I am not good enough
2. He/she is not good enough

But, why…why in the world would you or your significant other ever be good enough? We are not perfect. And here’s the other thing: we’re never going to be perfect. That doesn’t mean you stop trying to be better or helping the other be better. It does mean that you’re going to have to cut yourself some slack and accept help. It does mean that you’re going to have to cut him or her some slack and keep on loving them.

The only one we can look to for perfection is Christ. Jesus Calling says it better than I can,

“I love you with an everlasting love. The human mind cannot comprehend My constancy. Your emotions flicker and falter in the face of varying circumstances, and you tend to project your fickle feelings onto Me. Thus, you do not benefit fully from My unfailing Love. You need to look beyond the flux of circumstances and discover Me gazing lovingly back at you.”

Human love is fickle, His love is perfect. We all need to look to His love as an example, strive towards it, but be aware that we will fall short.

If you’re lucky enough to have someone who loves you through all the BS of life, don’t let it go. If you haven’t found that yet, hang onto His perfect love until you have.

…Also, you can look at the below picture of Massimo/Alex Karev for comfort too… (Fellas, you can find yourself a picture.)


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