Hope Remains.

My whole entire life is wrapped up in hope.

If you know me well, you know that hope is this reoccurring theme that I cling to.

Hope… it’s the word I’ve imagined tattooed on my body in every possible language.

Hope… it’s the word that I tried to paper mache for my wall, but had to throw away because I am not crafty.

Hope… it’s the whole reason I work at a nonprofit.

Hope… she’s my homegirl (…too much?!)

Okay, but you get the picture, right? Hope… it’s my thing.

But, lately my concept of hope has gotten all screwed up. I’ve been hoping in the next fun thing, hoping in the person who loves me, hoping in my own achievements, hoping in the next chance I have to travel. This kind of hope is so exhausting. Why? Because it’s a hope that relies in and on people. And, unfortunately, people have this way of constantly failing, which completely and utterly shatters hope.

My hope has been shattered quite a bit in the past, and I was feeling more hopeless than ever when I stumbled across this:

“I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope.” Psalm 130:5

For a kid who grew up in church and felt like I had heard every verse in the book, this one grabbed hold of my heart in a new way. I think when David wrote this verse, he was also feeling the sting of hopelessness. But, David was getting something right that I was getting terribly wrong; he knew where to place his hope.

Jesus Christ is, and will always be, the only thing I can rest my hope in. How foolish I’ve been to think I could rest it in anything else.

So even though I’m waiting for something in life, and I mean, my whole body aches with wait…I know that He will not disappoint. He will never change.

He is my hope. And hope remains.


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