Austria: A slice of Lawrence history.

I’m finally at a point in life where I can breathe (a little), ¬†look back at my travels, and share some of my favorite stories (or sometimes just significant moments). My adventures have so shaped the way that I live my life, so I can’t help but talk about them…just a little bit.

| Mondsee, Austria |

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I don’t know that it was this church in particular, but there was just something about Austria. Something about the fact that my grandfather was stationed in Austria in the 1950’s (during the aftermath of WWII) made being there pretty cool. It was more than just a visit for James and Alene Lawrence, it was actually their home for a while — I mean, my grandmother gave birth to her first child, my Uncle David in Austria (Which as a child, up until I was about 14, I always thought he was born in Australia — slight difference).

| James, Alene & David Lawrence |


The ride up to Mondsee was breathtaking. We drove up and through the Austrian Alps. It was so serene, and unbelievably gorgeous. Plus, the apple streusel that I ate at a cafe, across the street from the church above, has now been placed in my Top Five Pastries, ever (that’s saying something, considering how many pastries I’ve consumed in my life). And then, there was the city of Salzburg — while I desperately wish there had been more time to spend there, based on my short time there, I could easily pack up and live there. Actually, I’d like to live on this exact street, if at all possible:

| Salzburg, Austria |

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I loved how you could get lost in these beautiful little alleys. Oh, and Salzburg has the original Aldi (called Hofer), on every corner — needless to say, having my favorite grocery store on every corner totally rocked.

My next trip to Austria will include a trip to see my grandparent’s house and a hot air balloon ride over the Alps. I must say, I’m really looking forward to it.